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Podcasting is a total passion of mine and I'm thrilled to share it with you.

Autumn Cohorts are Now Open for Enrolment

Start Your Podcast group program

A 6 week program to help you create and launch your podcast, don't get stuck in the weeds, don't let the tech fears stop you, don't put it off for another year.

Access my Masterclass, Understanding the Power of Podcasting today and discover why now i the best time to start.

How I can help you

Podcasting (SYP)

If you want to start a podcast I can help from my free webinar, through a self-paced course up to 1-2-1 coaching. As well as editing & production services You can read more below about the different offers available.

Productivity (PIP)

These workshops a packed with actionable tips to help you implement systems in your business to help you get the most out of your work hours so you can enjoy your time off guilt free.


Resources & Tools

For software, resources and tools that I recommend and resources click HERE. This page will continuly be updated .


I want to make it easy for you to get started with Podcasting

Whenever we start something new the first thing we think is where do I even begin! I'm here to help you take those first steps.

Often we stop ourselves before we really get started because we think too much and get overwhelemed by everything we think we need to do instead of focusing on the next step. I have been there, I started, I made the mistakes and I'm here to help you NOT make those same mistakes.


Start your podcast from Scratch, and build your audience.

Podcasting is a great way to build an engaged audience of potential buyers. A podcast allows people to hear your voice your tone and your humour. It's more personal than a blog you get to connect with your listeners and build that trust with them. Podcasting is easier than video too as you don't have to be camera ready and the editing is much quicker. Access my Understanding the Power of Podcasting Masterclass for a limited time and consider starting your podcast before the end of 2023


Productivity and planning is my jam!

Alongside podcasting the thing people often assosiate me with is consistency. I'm able to be consistent because of planning and productivity and I'm not here to give you a one size fits all solution. when it comes to P&P it's very personal. So with these workshops I'll help you uncover what works for you and put it in to action.

Need some 1-on-1 time?

I know sometimes group settings it can feel overwhelming and like your questions are to specific to you and won't get answered.

That's why I offer one on one coaching sessions. I can help you with your set up, go over editing or just answer questions. It's your time and we can use it in a way that best helps you move forward. These are one hour sessions and have limited availability each month so first come is first served.

“You can do whatever you set your mind to if you just roll up your sleeves, get in there, and do it. Everything is figureoutable.”

- Marie Forleo

Want to see the kit I use? It's all here...


Are you planning to start a podcast this year?

Get on the list to join this FREE webinar which will give you the pros and cons, the realities and need to knows of having a podcast. After this webinar you'll be ready to say YES to podcasting and get started or say NO and be able to move on to the next idea.

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