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Podcasting is a total passion of mine and I'm thrilled to share it with you.

How I can help you

Podcasting (SYP)

If you want to start a podcast I can help from my free webinar, through my group program and 1-2-1 mentoring. As well as editing & production services You can read more below about the different offers available.

Podcast Guesting - Your Missing Piece

If haven't started podcast guesting you're missing a trick. Just like hosting your own show this can help build your authority in your niche and give you content that you can refer back to again and again. Find out how I can help with guesting by clicking below.

Resources & Tools

For software, resources and tools that I recommend and use click HERE. This page will continually be updated. If you have wondered what mic I use or where I host my website it's all in the resources section.


I want to make it easy for you to get started with Podcasting

Whenever we start something new the first thing we think is where do I even begin! I'm here to help you take those first steps.

Often we stop ourselves before we really get started because we over think and get overwhelmed by everything we think we need to do, instead of focusing on the next small step. I have been there, I started, I made the mistakes and I'm here to help you NOT make those same mistakes.

Podcasting Masterclass

Start your podcast, and build your audience. (FREE)

Podcasting is a great way to build an engaged audience of potential buyers. A podcast allows people to hear your voice your tone and your humour. It's more personal than a blog you get to connect with your listeners and build that trust with them. Podcasting is easier than video too as you don't have to be camera ready and the editing is much quicker. Get instant access to my FREE Understanding the Power of Podcasting Masterclass, understanding is the first step in doing.

Start Your Podcast

8-Week Small Group Program - Done Live (£888)

DIY might be fun to do at home but when it comes to courses and programs especially when their is a technology component, sometimes DIY doesn't cut it and your course or program ends up in a dusty corner of your computer never to be seen again.

Not with this program! You have daily access Monday to Friday to the program creator ME. So if you get stuck or have a question you can ask it then and there and get a response to help you more forward rather than waiting for a weekly Q&A. We also have group accountability and progress sessions to keep everyone moving forward. Apply to one of the next cohorts here...

Launch Ready Strategy

Want to launch your podcast the right way? (£195)

This is hands down the single most important thing you can do to kick off your podcast the right way.

Build it and they will come is not going to work. You need momentum from the start and this 3-part training will help you do just that.

These training videos will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating your 6 week launch plan.

Whether you are at the start of your podcast journey, about to launch or looking to relaunch your show this strategy will help make all the effort you put in worth it.

This launch plan has landed 80% of my clients in the top 20 in their category on Apple podcast in there launch week.

1-2-1 Done With You

Want to get it done but haven't time to learn the tech right now? (From £1,347)

Whether you want to hand off the tech part completely or you just want to get your podcast up and running and don't have time for the tech part right now, I got you!

My done with you is a hybrid of my program and a true done for you option. After all it's your idea and it needs your voice so I can't do everything. What 1-2-1 does is allow you more freedom over the time line and allows you to focus on the fun creative elements while I do the stuff that trips people up, setting up, editing and creating a launch plan.

This is perfect for digital based entrepreneurs who want that 1-2-1 vibe and puts 'tech' low down on their skills list. Book a call to discuss if this option is right for you.

VIP Strategy Days

Get it done in a day (£500)

Do you want to start a podcast but aren't sure what that looks like in terms of how it fits into your business and work schedule. Let's spend the day together and map it out. From ensuring you having a strong motive and strategy around your podcast, to actually outlining episodes and creating your 6 week launch plan.

You will walk away with a plan of action, a system and strategy to launch and produce your show. All you will need to do is put the plan into action and press record! To see if this is the right option for you book a quick chat.

Podcast Guesting

Hosting & Guesting are a power couple

Guesting is a great way to build your audience for your business and your podcast. You'll be reaching other podcast listeners who like listening to podcasts so it makes perfect sense to host as well as guest. Getting guest slots and making the most out of your podcast appearances isn't as easy as it might sound, there are far more guests than there are podcasts to go on which is why I highly recommend having your own show. But if you want to add guesting to you marketing bucket or want to test out guesting before getting your own show started I have a recommendation for you. Click the button to find out more.

Looking for an audit on your podcast?

If you want a second pair of eyes on your podcast to look at ways to improve the show, market the show increase listenership then a podcast audit might be just what you are looking for. My Audits include 2 calls one to establish where the podcast is right now and one to go through the audit document once the audit is complete. Depending on what you want to achieve will depend on the action steps you'll get at the end but all clients will get next step action points to implement. Click here fill in the the form.

“You can do whatever you set your mind to if you just roll up your sleeves, get in there, and do it. Everything is figureoutable.”

- Marie Forleo

Want to see the kit I use? It's all here...

FREE Masterclass

Are you planning to start a podcast?

Get access to my FREE masterclass Understanding the power of podcasting. this class will give you a better understanding of podcasting and why it's such a great tool for your business


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