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Below you will find software and rescources I use & recommend.

For your Podcasting

*Some of the links here are affilliate links which means I'll might get a small commission
if you purchase this doesn't affect the price you pay.
Mic Boom Arm Desk Clamp

*All-in-one Website solution


FEA Create

FEA create is your one stop shop for your business platform needs check it out.

This website is built on the FEA create platform. FEA websites are a simple drage and drop system it's so quick and easy to set up your site. But it's not just a website builder here are some of the things you can do through FEA Create and they are adding new features all the time. I have recently become an affilate because I love it so much!

  • Website

  • Blog

  • Email service provider

  • Funnel templates

  • Email Templates

  • CRM system

  • Course platform

  • Sales funnels

  • Booking system

  • Social Scheduling

The Email List

If you plan to make money from your podcast or even if you don't it's so worth starting an email list

An email list is the number #1 thing most successful entreprenuers state they wish they had started sooner!

Even if you currently don't plan on making money from you podcast start your email list now and should you ever choose to start selling anything you will already have an audience built that knows, likes and trusts you which puts you way ahead of the game.

I currently use FEA Create that includes my email service provider but if you are looking for a standalone service then I recommend Convert Kit. Click below to use my affilate link and access your 14-day free trial.

“You can do whatever you set your mind to if you just roll up your sleeves, get in there, and do it. Everything is figureoutable.”

- Marie Forleo

Mindset & Action

Are you planning to start a podcast this year?

Join the Mindset & Action Pod Squad so that you are the first to know when we open enrolment for the Start Your Podcast Program


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