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Authenticity in Business A Tale of Self-Acceptance with Libby Langley | EP201

January 29, 20244 min read

"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I change." - Carl Rogers

EP 201


In this episode of the Mindset and Action podcast, business coach Libby Langley offers a transparent look at the intersection of self-promotion and self-discovery. This conversation explores the internal battles that entrepreneurs face, especially when marketing themselves becomes a necessity in the competitive business world. Langley's personal narrative of her diagnosis with autism in her 40s brings a fresh perspective to the discussion, providing solace and understanding to those who may share similar experiences.

Marketing oneself is an integral part of entrepreneurship, yet it is a task that many find daunting. Libby Langley understands this all too well. Having navigated the complex terrain of self-promotion for over a decade, she shares her intimate battle with the fear of judgment. The revelation that she is autistic has not only provided her with clarity but also the compassion needed to approach her unique challenges with a new lens. Her journey emphasizes the importance of understanding one's own mental blocks to find a marketing strategy that resonates with one's authentic self.

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Langley's openness about her discomfort with self-promotion despite her extensive experience underscores a universal struggle among entrepreneurs. Her candidness offers a glimpse into the emotional labor behind creating a personal brand, a process that demands vulnerability and resilience. This episode serves as a reminder that behind every polished professional facade is a complex individual grappling with their own insecurities and doubts.

Listeners are invited to reflect on their own fears and mindset blocks in relation to business and personal growth. Libby's story encourages entrepreneurs to dig deep into their reasons for resistance, to not just overcome but to understand and make peace with them. The episode challenges the conventional wisdom that entrepreneurs must be always on, always visible, and encourages finding one's own rhythm and boundaries in the noisy world of online marketing.

ep201 Mindset & Action Podcast

The conversation also addresses the societal pressures that come with the prominence of social media in business promotion. With the push to be constantly active and visible, Langley advocates for a more balanced approach that respects individual energy levels and preferences. Whether it's choosing text over video, batching content creation, or setting aside specific days for certain tasks, the key takeaway is to take control and customize your marketing efforts to suit your needs.

The upcoming full-length episode promises to delve deeper into Langley's business journey, offering listeners not only inspiration but insight into running a business your way and not spending money in the wrong places. By sharing her story, Libby Langley extends an invitation to embrace one's personal narrative as a powerful tool for connection and success in business.

As this podcast episode draws to a close, listeners are reminded of the importance of facing internal challenges with a blend of kindness and logic. For those on a similar path, the message is clear: it is possible to promote oneself while staying true to one's values and needs. Libby Langley's journey with self-promotion and self-discovery is a testament to the power of authenticity in business and a beacon for solopreneurs everywhere.

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Donna XoX

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