Start Your Podcast

You have something to say, information to share and knowledge worth knowing!

Start Your Podcast is an 8-week Done with you Group Program for Passionate Small Business Owners with a message to share.

— Catherine Chapman —

We're actually in front of Dr C now!! If you've been thinking about podcasting and your sick of the usual social media circus, it is definitely time to do something about it. Donna makes it so easy and her course is so brilliant xx

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Does this sound like you?

• You're passionate about what you do but you struggle to get your message out there.

• You find the daily social content hamster wheel exhausting .

• You like talking or have been told you come across well when you speak.

• You struggle to show up on camera.

If this is you then you NEED this...


A way to talk to your audience and really connect with them, that can be repurposed with ease & can also generate video content where you don't have to show up on camera.

What You Don't Have To Do Is...

❌Buy a fancy microphone

❌Be an audio technician

❌Pay for software

❌Create a soundproof room

❌Be on camera

❌Have it all figured out

— Gail H.—

I attended Donna’s podcast workshop with no real idea what a podcast even was, really! Donna obviously knows her stuff and very capably took us through the process from brainstorming content to choosing formats and platforms.

About your Mentor

Hi there, I'm Donna

I've been podcasting for four years. I chose to podcast because I found blogging draining, talking came easier than writing and I dreamed of working in Radio many moons ago so this was a great option.

Having watched podcasting explode over last few years I know that there are many passionate entrepreneurs with amazing messages to share who would love to get started with podcasting but get tripped up by the tech and the thought that they need all the 'stuff' to get started.

So I decided to create this group program to help you step-by-step through creating and launching your podcast.

In the words of Stu McLaren, 'it doesn't have to be perfect, you just have to get it going.'

Happy podcasting !!

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Is this you?

Perhaps you have already tried to get your podcast started. Maybe you've checked out YouTube and watched some videos, maybe it all seemed way too complicated and you gave up. It's ok! You aren't alone. Maybe you even got a couple of episodes done and got them up but then overwhelm hit and you stopped, again that's 90% of the podcasting community right there. Perhaps you haven't even tried podcasting, maybe you have a blog but feel it's getting a little stale and not getting the traction it once was or maybe you don't have any consistent long form content yet and you're thinking podcasting might be it.

No matter where you are starting, I got you!

What if things could be different?

What if you had weekly content you were excited to create?

What if you could create an ever growing free resource that would attract your ideal clients on a consistent basis?

What if you could fast track your know, like & trust factor with your potential clients?

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to all this, you’re not alone…

Starting a podcast was the solution to my problem of creating weekly content that I enjoyed, instead of wanting to launch my laptop through a window. I have done both blogs and videos and by far I find podcasting more fun and doable than either of those options and I'm here to show you how.

There is a little bit of tech involved and of course like a video there is some editing to do but it is much simpler to edit audio than trying to edit video and again I'm here to show you how...

I’m soooo excited to introduce:

The Start Your Podcast Group Program!

This is the nuts and bolts, step-by-step system to creating a podcast that you'll love. It's an 8 week program delivering 6 modules plus bonuses that will take you from zero to launch.

Imagine for a second...

What it would be like to have a Top 1% Podcast? I can show you how.

What would it be like to have your clients listening to you and your message every week? What difference could that make to your sales?

What would it feel like to have people in your industry emailing you to guest on your show? Enabling you to grow your network without trying.

What would it feel like to be able to bring your audience the right messages from the right people to help them get to where they need to go?

All of this is available to you if you commit to showing up and you don't even have to show up every week to benefit from podcasting. I'll show you how to do that too.

— Zeenat. P. —

Being a student of Donna's was an absolute pleasure in her recent cohort of Start Your Podcast. I found her teaching style very clear and she was so generous with her time and advice. Donna's honesty and transparency of her own 4 year journey of podcasting is another thing that makes her such a great teacher. She generously shared the pitfalls, so we could avoid them, as well as the latest stats and figures to encourage and motivate us. I have no hesitation in recommending Donna as your guide and mentor of choice if you are embarking on starting your podcast.

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Here’s what you’ll get:


Module One | Podcast Setup

We set up the structure of your podcast, decide on a name, upload schedule, style, etc. so you can start teasing your podcast to your audience.


Module Two | Ideas Vault

Inside module 2 I share a quick 'n' easy system to produce 52 ideas in under an hour, and we look at how to develop those ideas into episodes.


Module Three | Tech & Hosting Setup

In module 3 we'll conquer those tech fears and get your recording software set up and your hosting set up so you're ready to record and load.


Module Four | Recording

In module 4 I will show you how to record an episode. And you will be encouraged to create your first 3 episodes.


Module Five | Editing

In module 5 I share my editing tips. You will edit the 3 episodes you recorded in the last module. This will mean that by the end of the program you'll be ready to launch with 3 episodes.


Module six | Next Steps

Now you have your first recordings ready to go there are some other things to look at. Repurposing content, having guests and making podcasting efficient for you.

The 6 module course is valued at £1,293

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Pay in full and payment plans will be available.

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Bonus #1

5 Group Zooms & Drop in Sessions

Group sessions to review and assess your progress. For modules 4&5 there will be drop in sessions where you can come and share your screen if you're having tech issues with recording or editing.

Valued at £600

Bonus #2

Daily Offices hours to get your questions answered

You get direct message access to me through Voxa during set daily office hours this means you can get help quicker. You don't get stuck waiting for a weekly Q&A you get answers within 24hrs For 8 weeks.

Valued at £1200

Bonus #3

30 min Tech Call

30 minute 1-2-1 call with me if you are still struggling with tech set up in Module 3. I know tech can be a real sticking point for many people and I don't want it to stop you getting your voice heard.

Valued at £80

Bonus #4

Interview Rec & Edit Tutorial

Watch as I set up and conduct an interview then follow me into audacity as I edit for two voices, finish the episode and get it ready to go live.

Valued at £96

Bonus #5

Access to the Launch Ready PodCamp mini-course

Creating a podcast is awesome but it's not going to to well with out a launch. You can create success but it will take much longer without a launch. With the Launch Ready PodCamp videos you can start creating excitement and buzz around your show before you publish it ensuring you're not starting from ZERO.

Valued at £294

Total value of course and bonuses £3,567

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Total course value £3,567

You pay just £888

Payment plans are available.

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— Karen. B —

Planning and getting set up for my own podcast, I needed not just a nudge but a simple and straightforward path to get from zero to going live. Donna's programme is just that! Plus her down to earth and generous support mean you always have support. I'm on the countdown to launching my own podcast later this year with everything I need. Highly recommended!

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Start now & get responses to your show like this...

OMG absolutely fabulous Episode. Listening to you is like opening up Pandora's Box it just keeps giving. Absolutely Brilliant

— Moira.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Donna, She is very professional and her standards are extremely high she's very passionate about what she does and that reflects in her podcast

— Jen.

Superb interview. Loved the straight talking and I agree that strategy and the skill set to bring all the moving parts together is key. Thank you so very much Donna and Christine'

— Claire.

I really look forward to each episode of Donna's podcast. Started in 2020 the worst year ever, Donna remains upbeat and positive and has some inspirational guests.

— Ufurriawagalot.

Loved Listening to Donna's Podcast. When you are a small business you want real genuine people talking about the good the bad and the ugly. As well as hearing peoples passions, businesses and journey. It's all about connection, celebrating the small stuff. Take a listen

— VanB2244

Great resources, great guests and lots of helpful business advice. What’s not to love?! Excited to have found this show!
— Jubeeju

What you get...

6 Modules taking you through the step-by-step process

5 zoom calls to keep you accountable and check in on your progress

Daily office hours Monday to Friday to keep you moving forward. No waiting a week for a live Q&A

30 Min Tech Set up Call if you need it to ensure tech doesn't keep you stuck

Guest interview and editing tutorials so you can learn the simple techniques I use to get great conversations


Extra bonuses inside to help streamline your work flow

— Julie. Clarke —

Myself and Catherine did the course at the end of last year and yesterday we launched our podcast. We followed the exact steps Donna gave us. The process was easy to follow and I really do not thing we could have done it without going through this course (especially the tech side) You will not regret it.

I couldn't agree with this more!! Donna's method has made it super easy! She couldn't have done more to help us.


How do I know if a podcast is right for me?

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference. This course will help you discover if podcasting is the right way for you to tell your story.

Will this program cover how to structure a podcast?

It will go over how to layout your episode and you will get podcast templates inside the program.

I like the idea of podcasting I just don't think I'll have time to edit?

It can be time consuming though you get quicker the more you do it. If editing is something you want to outsource I offer editing services. You can also find editors on up work and fiverr.

How long does it take to make a podcast?

How long is a piece of string? Honestly it all depends on how long the episode is and how many mistakes need editing, if you're doing show notes or embedding it elsewhere. If it needs no editing and just a vocal boost you could have a 30 min episode done and live in under an hour.

Why is a podcast better than a blog?

The advantage of a podcast is that people can listen while they do other things. They also hear you, your tone, your humour which can be difficult to get across in written form. Ultimately it connects you to your audience more deeply, they get to feel like they really know you. When they know you they feel they can trust you.

I'm not looking to podcast for business is it worth me doing the course?

I get it. Not everyone is out there building a business sometimes people just want to share. Podcasting is great for that. The most important thing to work out is, is there an audience that wants to hear what you have to say on the topic you want to share. I know a girl who has a podcast talking about knitting. You could totally run a podcast as a hobby to share what you love. Just be sure to get clear on the topic/theme for your podcast and run with it. This Course is set up to teach you how to start your podcast and get it launched so it's perfect for business owners or hobbyists.

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